Our Koala Necklace Fundraiser

Our Koala Necklace Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Koala Necklace Fundraiser in the USA.

As an Australian based family business we had so many friends and customers in the USA who wanted to help with the recent bush fires here in Australia but it’s so overwhelming that even as an Australian we were struggling to know where to donate. 

There is a list below of some fabulous organisations you can donate to should you want to do more.

After lots of conversations with organisations here in Australia and our manufacturer about what we could do to support we had a lightbulb moment when we remembered a very popular product we had back in 2013-2016 – Our Koala Necklace. 

With the devastation happening to our Koalas here it’s been a focus on wanting to do more to help. So we are pledging to donate the proceeds our Koala Necklaces sold across the USA from our business to the organisations here in Australia currently supporting the Koalas as they come into their care with burns, dehydration and more.

This page will be updated as donations are made so you can see where the funds have been distributed and where your purchase has helped.

These are just some of the faces we are being shown here in Australia of the Koalas who are arriving at hospitals and wildlife shelters.

Your purchase will be directly donated to the wildlife organisations who are currently dealing with this crisis.

  • Please note our Koala Necklace fundraiser is a PRE-ORDER and orders will be sent from March 1st 2020. So you should receive your order mid-March. Please be patient with us, we will be working around the clock to get these out to you.
  • All proceeds from purchase will be donated directly to the organisations and we will update this page with the receipts and updates once donations have been made so you can see where your purchase has helped.
  • This is a LIMITED release and once SOLD OUT we will not be offering again. As a family business we have agreed to pause all other sales but will resume back in full operation in March 2020.


Thank you for your support!