In late December 2018, after the FDA published an official warning, the American Academy of Pediatrics also published a statement recommending that children NOT wear teething jewelry. We agree! Any type of jewelry is not to be worn by babies, especially when they’re not being supervised.

That is why our necklaces are only for adults – mothers, grandmothers, caretakers, and anyone else who wants to wear them, except babies and small children. If you’re a parent you already know that any unsupervised anything with small children can be a problem.

Our necklaces provide the same relief that chew toys do but have the convenience of moms being able to wear them around their necks or wrists so they’re always available. Nibbly Bits not only provide relief from teething pain but they also offer babies sensory stimulation.

Please feel comfortable in buying and wearing our teething jewelry and never leave your little one unsupervised when awake.


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