Exclusive Consultant FAQ’s

Before you start you may have some questions you would like answered. And below you’ll find a list of our most commonly asked questions. If we’ve missed a question please feel free to drop our Consultant Coordinator Jo an email at: jo@nibblybits.net

What is included in the starter kit? We include a fabulous range of our top selling products to get you started consisting of a mix of our necklaces, teething toys and more. The total Retail value of the kit is valued at over $450!

Do I work on a commission or is there are set % I make per sale? We set our wholesale price and our consultants can on-sell up to our Recommended Retail Price. The amount you make per product varies depending on the price you sell the product. For example if we sell you a Necklace for $13.50 and you onsell that necklace for our RRP price of $29.99 then you have made yourself $16.49 profit! Hooray.

Are there a restrictions as to how you can sell or advertise the products? The only places that we ask you not to sell the products are via platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Zulily or any other online platform that may be seen as impeaching into someone elses potential market space. If you have any questions around this please ask.

Are there any ongoing fees?  There are no fees, ever. You order the products and we send you what you pay for (plus shipping) Your first Starter Kit comes with complimentary shipping.

Are there minimum order quantities when placing orders? You can order as often as you like as long as a minimum of 10 PRODUCTS per order is placed at any given time. The products can vary to suit the consultants individuls needs.

Does Nibbly Bits supply the photos and things I need to be able to promote the brand and products? Yes! We sure do. We give you access to a Dropbox bursting with photos of our products ad lifestyle images all for your use. You are also free to of course take your own and get creative and can certainly draw inspiration from others in our Facebook group.

Does Nibbly Bits cover product insurance and liability for the products? Yes! Nibbly Bits hold full product and liability cover for the products we supply you, that you on-sell to your customers.

Do I need to be a registered business owner? To find our more information about whether or not you need to register as a business you should check with your local authority board.

How do I get paid? You sell the products in your kit and you get paid on the spot. No waiting for payment. You can re-order to top up your supply as you need.

How do I reorder once I’ve received my kit? Once you’ve ordered and received your first kit. You’ll receive an email with your exclusive online login to our back end where you can reorder the range at our Consultants price. From there you are free to order when you need. We only ask that re-orders consist of a minimum of 10 products per order. Of course, you can order as many units over this as you need.

What are the shipping costs to reorder? Shipping is set at a flat rate of $8 USA wide. All orders are shipped via our Courier service or local post depending on your area. But all orders are sent with tracking for your peace of mind.

Can I do parties and take orders? Absolutely! Setting up little home style parties is a great way to introduce the range to your family and friends, let them see the colors and feel the products in person and of course place orders. We are happy to provide you with an order sheet where you can take orders and then place the order to be filled on the website. Please note we do not send out individual orders to your customers, this is your responsibility. So keep this in mind when taking orders for family and friends and be sure to charge them postage if you need to.

Where are some places I can sell the products? Our consultants generally start by reaching out to their family and friends, mothers groups, schools and playgroups, local markets, online and of course via Social Media. You can even set up your own private Facebook group for your customers. You are online limited by your own ability to get out there and sell.

Do I have to sign anyone up or meet any sales targets per month to stay on as a consultant? No. Unlike MLM businesses you are not required to sign anyone up or hit any weekly/monthly sales targets. In order to keep exclusive sales rights in your area we only ask that you place a re-order (10 products minimum) every 60 days. Easy.

Are there any ongoing fees or hidden costs? No! Once you have your kit you are good to go. No fees, no hidden or sneaky costs involved and definitely no hard sell pressure tactics from us. We want you to succeed so we give you everything you need to go out there and make yourself some well earned money. Simple.

What else do I receive as an exclusive consultant? Well you receive your fabulous Start Kit and once you’re signed up we offer you free ongoing Sales Support via our fabulous National Accounts Manager Jo, who is on hand to answer any questions and assist you with ordering. You’ll also be able to sign into our closed Facebook Group where we offer daily tips and tricks and support as well as being able to showcase the latest products and offers we have. First in the Country to see what we have coming before anyone else does. Super exciting! And at times we will also advertise red hot opportunities or promotions that you can get involved in. You’ll also be able to chat with other Nibbly Bits consultants to share tips, tricks and ideas on how to sell the products in your area.

Have another question that we haven’t covered above? Hit Jo up at jo@nibblybits.net so she can get your question answered and get you on board.

Looking forward to having you join our team!