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If we had a dollar for every person who has asked us over the last 6 years if we offer consultant packages we would be swimming in coins! After successfully (and quietly) trialing this model for the last 12 months we are super excited to FINALLY be able to offer it to YOU!

Yes YOU right there! Hello lovely.

You’re obviously looking for a little side hustle that makes you some extra money to pay those god awful bills that won’t stop coming in and you’ve landed here. So welcome.

To break it down for you, we are offering a strictly limited number of people the opportunity to become a Nibbly Bits + Pieces Exclusive Consultants across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

How do you sell? Who can you sell to? And how does it work? Easy!

Show me the money!

  1. You register to become an Exclusive Consultant in your local area using the form below.
  2. Upon confirmation of your acceptance to our Consultant team you will be set up with your opening kit (you can start from as little as $249*!) and get your hands on a very cool range of products and you are ready to go.
  3. You’ll receive access to an online information hub where you can get more information, tips and tricks on how to set up, sell and market yourself – so you can stand out in the crowd!
  4. You are offered exclusive consultancy which means that no one else will be selling in your area*
  5. When you are ready to re-order you’ll get private access to our back end portal where you can shop from a large range of products including Nibbly Bits to on-sell in your area via local markets, parties, online, mothers groups, social media, expos, events and more!
  6. You sell our products in your local area and earn an income straight away.
  7. We offer our full support to you because your success is our success.
  8. This opportunity is open to anyone who is passionate about making a positive change in their lives, needing some additional income, who loves the products and wants to be able to share them with others. If you already sell at markets but are looking to add some new and exciting products to your business then this is also for you.
  9. Must be a legal resident of Australia, New Zealand or USA and 18 years or over.

*excludes shipping and taxes

So.. what do our consultants think??

“I am proud to say that I was one of the first to trial this as a business opportunity and it has been life-changing for me. It was so easy to purchase and whenever I had a market stall at the local school
fete or at a special local event my items sold like hot cakes. The support you receive from Head Office is the best but the rewards are even greater. I now get referrals from my other “mummy” friends for new mums, get asked to put baby shower hampers together and sometimes even get invited to the new local Mothers’ Groups at the community centre to introduce them to my products. You will not be disappointed you took the opportunity now rather than later.”
Nibbly Bits Consultant – Victoria, Australia

“I can’t thank you enough Dee and team for allowing me to trial the consultant platform for the last couple of months. I absolutely loved the products before I signed up and was so thrilled when I received my kit that I told all my family and friends on social media and had to re-order 3 days later. It’s been such an enjoyable opportunity, I’ve been able to contribute the the family income and this year was able to treat myself to a Christmas present wrapped in a tiny aqua blue box under the tree. And I couldn’t have done it without Nibbly Bits. I am so excited to stay on and see where 2019 takes my little consultancy business. I’m even doing markets now and as a former house bound mum I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying them. Bring on 2019.
Nibbly Bits Consultant – Sydney NSW

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