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About Us

G’day folks, I’m Dee and yes that’s me with one of the beautiful fury creatures we are fundraising for across the USA right now. The Koala AKA Drop Bear.

 We are an Australian based business, but you’ll also find our products in the USA. I’m a busy mama to cheeky little monkeys Max (8) and Bonnie (2), wife to my partner Scott and creative mind behind our global brand Nibbly Bits®. 

 We kicked off this little business in 2011 in a little coastal town in Australia called Port Fairy, long before silicone jewelry was really a thing.. there were only a handful of other businesses globally who were doing anything similar, but stuck to their own style and design. When Nibbly Bits launched we literally changed the way in which people saw and loved silicone products, clever designs, huge range of colors and styles to suit and a quality like no other. And here we are now, everything on pause while we focus on our Koala fundraising campaign as our biggest GIVE BACK to date.

Our products have the most luxurious soft-feel texture, which feel as soft as skin and that are not sticky, plastic or cheap feeling. There is nothing on the market like Nibbly Bits®, though others have tried to copy our designs, they can’t match our quality and always come off second best.

Our focus has always been delivering the safest products and ensuring that we as a brand do everything required and more to meet our promise of delivering safe, tested and certified products. If you’ve ever attended an event that we have been at you’ll know we are open and honest in our delivery of why we are the recommended brand through specialty/medical facilities and professionals and why we are also now stocked in endless pharmacies across the globe.

And to everyone who digs deeps and purchases one of our silicone Koala necklace for our fundraiser – THANK YOU, this is something that is so important right now and was our way of being able to give back as a business, an Australian family and someone who is just heartbroken about what is happening in my Country right now. So I really appreciate the support. 

Thank you again,

Dee Stearman

Owner + Designer + Mama

Nibbly Bits®

Partnering with Bec Rothkopf for the Koala Fundraising efforts for Australia

I am mumma to two rescue dogs from California named Bear and Nala, and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my Indiana-native husband.
Animals taught me everything I know about who I am, how my actions count, and what my purpose is in this world. They are mothers, babies, and families trying to survive in a world where they have no voice. Their plight devastates me.
When I was 18 years old, I became a volunteer for The Animal Aid Shelter in Coldstream, and during the bushfire crisis I have been volunteering for the Animal Rescue Collective, delivering supplies for shelters around Victoria. These shelters are desperate for donations that will provide water, medical supplies and food.
The koala is one of the most vulnerable species in the fire zones: they are unable to move quickly or burrow, so they often become trapped by the flames. According to the University of Sydney, almost one third of the koala population in the state of NSW has perished, and there is more devastation to come over the new few weeks.
I am so proud to partner with Nibbly Bits for this wonderful cause. By purchasing a necklace, you are providing the means for carers to save a koala, and you are teaching future generations compassion. Every single koala necklace counts! Thank you for your kindness.

Bec x

For more information about Bec and rescue groups she supports, please visit