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 NIBBLY BITS KOALA Necklace appeal

As an Australian owned business we have been devastated by the recent and tragic bush fires sweeping our Country which have resulted in human lives lost, thousands of homes turned to rubble and ash and over a billion animals (and counting) lost.

The impact this has had on our Wildlife has been particularly heart breaking as Firefighters describe seeing our beautiful and iconic Koalas dropping from their trees as “fireballs”. It’s just impossible to understand and to be honest, you can’t think about it without feeling completely hopeless.

We are putting our day-to-day business on hold as we concentrate on a campaign across the USA and Canada to raise funds for our favorite fury mammal.

With your support we are hoping to sell a limited edition run of our popular Koala pendant with funds coming back here to Australia to support our Koala Wildlife Rescue Operation – as money is desperately needed to supply various organisations with medical supplies, bedding, food, aid and more.

There is a limited number of pendants available. Orders will be shipped from March 1st 2020 (this is a pre-order to secure yours!)

Once SOLD OUT that’s it. As a business we can’t thank you enough for getting behind this fundraiser.

Our normal business will resume from March 1st 2020.

Your support is so appreciated!

Purchase your koala necklace now


Koala Necklace – $16 each

100% proceeds being donated back to the

🐨 ​Australian Koala Bushfire Appeal 🐨 

We would love to see your Koala Necklaces being worn once you receive them so please share on social media and use hashtag #nibblybits and follow us below 🐨